QLD - Purchase of Land

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To create a new purchase matter, follow the steps below:

  1. Click New Matter from the Home Screen
  2. Select State: QLD
  3. Select Matter Category: Conveyancing 
  4. Select Matter Type: Purchase
  5. Click Create
  6. Enter the parties, including all relevant details. To add an additional party, such as the Buyer, right click on the Buyer and select Add Buyer. 

      7. Select Property Details to enter the Property Information and enter the Address, Property Details,            Contract Details and Tenancy Details. 

       8. Select Title Particulars to enter the Title Reference details. 

       9. If there is more than one property, you may enter additional Properties by right-clicking on the             first  Property Details layout and selecting "Add Property Details"

     10. Select Conveyancing Details and input the Price, Deposit Breakdown and Key Dates. You can use the Date Calculator to calculate settlement date. If applicable you can input the Sunset Details.

    11. Select Safety & Special Conditions on the Conveyancing Details page to input any relevant special conditions. 

  1. Select Stamp Duty, Tax & Registration on the Conveyancing Details page to review the stamp duty information. Stamp Duty will prepopulate based on the purchase price entered on the Contract and Settlement Details page. Use this tab to add any concessions or exemptions and Transfer Registration Fees (if applicable)
  2. Select Settlement Financials and input relevant adjustments by clicking on the title and description of the adjustment and inputting the relevant details. 

  1. Review and complete the cheque directions by clicking on the Cheques tab. The Amount Required to Settle section will prepopulate Stamp Duty and Registration Fees based on information already inputted. Any rates payable will prepopulate from your adjustments and additional payments may be added by clicking Add Cheque

  1. Any payments that you input in Time and Expenses will automatically prepopulate under Our Account on the Payment Directions. 

  1. You can add details for the following common contacts:
    • the Seller's Agent as well as the Agent's commission and fees under Agent's Details;
    • the Incoming Mortgagee including the Mortgage Details;
    • Settlement Agent;
    • Council; and
    • Water Authority.
  2. To add Uncommon Contacts to your matter, open the Matter Settings and select the appropriate contact from the Parties & Data available for your matter.
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