Phone Messages

Smokeball has a built in Messages feature. Rather than writing a message, you can use Smokeball to notify a Smokeball user that someone called for them.

Smokeball's Message feature gives you the option to leave detailed notes. You also have the option to notify the person by email.

The phone message will appear in the Daily Digest and on the mobile app.  A Smokeball  message creates a task, therefore allowing you to track the activity.

Select Phone Message  within a matter (1) or from the Home Screen (2)

When selecting from Home Screen select a matter if applicable (3)

Select who the message is for (1)

Enter in the caller's name. Smokeball will search your contacts (2)

Select various message options and enter detailed notes (3)

Select  "notify via email" (4) and SAVE (5)

The Message will appear on the Daily Digest

If the "notify via email option" was selected the Smokeball user will receive an email

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