Using LeadPro for Lead Intake

 Learn how to use LeadPro to collect data from prospective leads on your website.

The lead intake forms in LeadPro are created by the team at Smokeball, and their contents vary depending on the form and matter type. Have an idea for a specific type of intake form? Reach out to your Smokeball Account Manager. 

Embed a Lead Intake Form on Your Website

There are three ways you can use LeadPro to start collecting leads:

  • Providing a link for prospects to click on and access the form
  • Embedding a form on your website so your client can fill in details from the website
  • Embedding a "Contact Us" button on your website that the client can click on to access the Lead Intake form

Embedding the form or "Contact Us" button may require the assistance of your website developer to incorporate code from Smokeball into your website's theme.

To generate the code:

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App
  1. Select the gear icon on the top-right corner of the Smokeball desktop app, to enter Smokeball Settings.
  2. Select Intake Forms from the left menu.
  3. Select the Practice Areas tab and confirm that your state and practice areas of law are displayed there. Click on Edit to make changes.
  4. Under the Web Enquiry tab, select New Link.
  5. The New Link window will open. Choose the form you wish to share from the Form drop-down menu.

    • Your firm's custom lead forms will appear first, followed by forms created by the Smokeball Team (listed under Smokeball Forms).
  6. Under the Staff drop-down menu, select or type in the names of staff members who will receive a notification when someone has submitted a form.
  7. You can choose to get a link to the form, generate a code for an embedded form or add a 'Contact Us' button on your website. 
  8. Select Copy Code next to the option you prefer.
  9. Paste the code into a Notepad file and send this to your website designer.

    • Note: Adding the intake form code to your website is outside the scope of Smokeball Support. Please reach out to whoever manages your website's theme to implement this on your website.

Once this is on your website, prospective leads simply need to fill out the form, and you will receive these responses in Smokeball.

Create a custom Lead Intake Form

You can easily create a lead intake form with the fields of your choice. Refer to the Create a custom Intake Form article for more information on how to set this up.

View submitted forms

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App

Once a form is submitted, the designated staff members chosen when setting up the form will receive a new Notification Centre message. 

To add or remove staff members who get these notifications:

  1. Open Smokeball Settings, then select Intake Forms.
  2. Select the three dots icon next to the form name and click on Change Notified Staff.
  3. Under the Staff drop-down menu, select or deselect staff members.
  4. Select Update.

When you click on the Lead file in Smokeball, the lead contact card is automatically created and populated with the lead's contact information. A copy of the lead intake form can be found in the Intake folder within the matter files.


Send a follow-up form

You can request more information from the lead before you decide to take them on as a client.

Note: Not all matter types contain follow-up forms.

To send a follow-up to the web enquiry:

  1. Open the lead file and select the Intake Forms/Intake tab. 
  2. Select Share Form.

  3. The lead's contact details are automatically populated. Select the type of form you wish to send from the Forms drop-down menu (if applicable).
  4. Select the Client Portal toggle if you wish to send the form as a Client Portal message or the Email toggle if you wish to send the form as an email.
  5. Select the Custom Field icon to insert specific fields from your matter into the message. You can customise this message for all matters in Firm Settings > Intake > Client Messages.
  6. Once you are ready to send this form to the lead, select the blue Share or Open Email button in the bottom right.

Do you have additional questions about setting up your lead intake form? Our Frequently Asked Questions article may have the answer. 

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