Part Two: Migrate additional contact details into Smokeball

Smokeball migrated your basic Contact information into Smokeball. However, there may be additional details you want included. 

Individual Contacts

  1. Notes: If there are any notes you want to keep track of across matters, there is a section on the contact card. For example, a contact who prefers to be contacted by email. 
  2. Letters: If your client is James but goes by Jim or Margaret and goes by Marge, you can input that information to give a more personal touch to your letters. 
  3. Death Date: Is your Contact deceased? Do you want this field to show on matters so you can identify these parties.  Make sure to fill this spot in the Additional Details tab of the contact card.
  4. Social Security Number: Also found on the Additional Details tab.
  5. Birth Date: Also found in the Additional Details section of the contact card. 

Firm/Business/Organization Contacts

  1. Registered Agent Details: – Does the corporation have a registered agent?  Add their contact details here.
  2. The Director and Staff Roles: For example, if the law firm is an organization, then all the attorneys and paralegals belong in the staff section.  Likewise, all the admins, doctors, etc., at a hospital or adjusters at an insurance company are staff. 
  3. Notes: If there are any notes about your organization you want to keep track of across matters, use this section to include important facts like a preference for email communication.

Next Step

Learn how to migrate your documents and emails into Smokeball.

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