Part Four: Set up Tasks, Workflows, and Matter Stages


Add a task to all your matters by using the Task button directly in the Next Step widget. You can also run a Next Step report which will allow you to see what tasks are due today, next week, next month, etc.




A Workflow is a series of tasks that can be applied to any matter. 

Workflows eliminate extra admin work by allowing you to automatically designate tasks for every matter. If you are completing the same "to-dos" for every client or specific matter type, it's best to set up a workflow. 

Talk to your Onboard Specialist or Migration Specialist if you had a list of tasks in your past system and how workflows can be created to replicate those.   You can also review sample workflows in the Area of Law Practice Center for suggestions on what workflows to use for your practice.


Matter Stages

Matter stages are a series of milestones which shows you where the case is in the current moment. Matter stages are located at the top of every matter, above Matter Details, and are visible for all to see. 

You can sort your cases by matter stage on the main matter screen as well. 

A matter stage also has the benefit of letting you know how long a file has been stuck in the same stage and taking action to move the case forward as needed. 

Reach out to your Onboard Specialist for assistance in setting up Matter Stages. 

Next Step

Set up integrations with Smokeball.


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