Part Three: Migrate documents and emails into Smokeball

Import Documents

You will need to manually migrate your documents into Smokeball. It is best practice to place each matter’s documents into a single folder on your PC (e.g., Brown v White documents) and then import that file into to Smokeball. You can either: 

  1. Select the Import button at the top of your screen and choose the file from your directory. 
  2. Drag and drop them from your PC into the Smokeball matter/document section. 

Matters with more than 50,000 documents

If you have any matters in your legacy system with more than 50,000 documents, we recommend reaching out to your onboarding specialist for assistance or scheduling training on best practices for managing that matter.

Import Emails

We strongly recommend that you use Outlook for your email management due to its seamless integration with Smokeball.

  1. With Outlook, you can add emails to a matter by filling in the Smokeball toolbar located at the bottom of an email with the matter’s name. 
  2. A copy of that email is immediately saved to the appropriate matter. 
    • Important Note: The Smokeball toolbar in Outlook will be visible once it is configured by your onboarding specialist. 

Next Step

Learn how to set up Tasks, Workflows, and Matter Stages in your Matters.


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