Guide for upgrading from Boost to Grow/Prosper+

If you have recently upgraded from Smokeball Boost to the Grow or Prosper+ , you should take the following steps to ensure that you can take advantage of the more powerful features offered by the higher tiers. 

Matter Enhancements

  1. As a Grow/Prosper+ user, you will now have access to the Smokeball desktop client. One of the most important features of the desktop client is the ability to configure your matters. It is important to configure your matters before you begin using the desktop client extensively. Learn more about Matter Configuration.
  2. Another helpful desktop feature is matter tags. Matter tags allow you to easily differentiate your matters. 
  3. We also recommend adding additional details to your contacts, such as birthdays, death dates, middle names, suffixes, socials, EINs, additional notes, etc. These fields would not have been available to you in Boost. Tags also exist for Contacts.
  4. Grow/Prosper+ also supports referrers, which makes it easier to track this information for marketing and reporting.
  5. We also recommend closing out leads which did not materialize into a paying client and specifying why the business did not come in. You can use this information to calculate conversion rates. 
  6. You should also add all additional third parties to your matters, including attorneys from the other side. These fields would not have been available in Boost.
  7. As a Grow/Prosper+ user, you can now easily migrate emails into Smokeball by using the integrated toolbar in Outlook. Right-click on the email and then select Associate email with matter.
  8. You can also import emails (or any other files) saved to your computer by using the import feature.
  9. You should also input case details such as statute of limitations, judges’ case numbers, etc. Into your matters.

Review Parties

  1. Once you have access to Grow/Prosper+, it is also a good idea to doublecheck how your parties have been entered and to make corrections as needed. For example, if you accidentally input the other party’s attorneys, other side’s kids, etc. in your matter, now is the ideal time to make these fixes.
  2. Likewise, corporation contacts work differently in Smokeball Desktop. You can designate a contact as a firm/business/organization in Smokeball Desktop. By contrast, if you need to indicate a main contact for a corporation in Boost, you need to input it on a Memo or add the contact in as a separate contact.
  3. For estate planning firms, we also recommend converting relevant individual contacts to trusts. You may also wish to convert corporation contacts into trusts for automation purposes.

Embrace New Practices in Smokeball Desktop

  1. Moving up to Grow and Prosper+ unlocks new best practices. For example, you no longer have to create a matter right on the first try. If you mistakenly picked the correct representation, matter type, or state, you can now correct these errors instead of having to re-create the matter.
  2. You also can now enhance your productivity by applying workflows and matter stages to new and existing matters. You can even set files based on your current matter stage.
  3. Smokeball Desktop also provides access to the widest range of integrations, and we encourage you to spend some time to enable integrations which are most relevant to your firm.
  4. Matter Permissions in Smokeball Desktop are more granular; you can grant staff access to individual matters on a case-by-case basis. However, you can still control permissions at the staff level if you prefer.
  5. Finally, we highly recommend that you sign up for a General Q&A session with a training expert. You also might find it helpful to watch our Basics and Essentials webinars for Smokeball Desktop.



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