Foundations: Basics

The objective of your first training is to help you migrate matters into Smokeball and start using all the core productivity features.

During your basics training, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate around Smokeball
  • Create matters, including importing existing files and folders
  • Create letters, captions, and begin using the Forms & Templates Library
  • Manage your emails in Smokeball

Once you have learned the basics, review Foundations: Essentials for an overview of advanced features to take your firm to the next level. 

 Basic Navigation

Smokeball is a powerful, yet intuitive program designed to help you run your practice from start to finish. Learn more about navigating through Smokeball.

Once you log into Smokeball, it is easy to get to anything you need from the Dashboard:

  1. File, Smokeball, Communicate Time & Expenses, Firm Insights, Community, and Support Tabs
  2. Action Bar buttons
  3. Matters, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Activity, Reports, Search
  4. Dashboard Options
  5. Dashboard Widgets
  6. Search


Creating Matters and Migrating to Smokeball

Once Smokeball is configured, you are ready to create matters and get everything you need into one place. It only takes a couple minutes to start using this key feature. 


 Contacts Best Practices

  • Depending on your area of law, you can utilize our recommended practices when entering parties into a matter to optimize document creation. 

 Importing Files and Folders

While documents can be created directly in Smokeball, documents and folders created elsewhere can also be saved to your matters.


 Blank Letter, Caption, and Forms & Templates

One of Smokeball’s most powerful features is document creation with Microsoft Word. Smokeball is your place for all your proprietary templates and includes a robust library of existing forms and templates.


  • Forms & Templates 
    • Library of templates and jurisdictional Court & Authority forms.
    • Generate forms as both Microsoft Word and PDF files.
    • Create shortcuts for commonly used forms and templates
    • Search for key forms and templates.
      • Send in requests for publicly available forms that are not already in the library.
    • Configure Form Suites in Smokeball Settings. 
    • Learn more about the Forms & Templates Library.



You can also draft and save memos in Smokeball to account for matter work that previously may have been handwritten in a legal pad.


 Email Management

Smokeball's integration with Microsoft Outlook is another important core feature.

  • Emails originating from Smokeball are automatically assigned to the appropriate matter.
  • Assign your Outlook emails and attachments to your matter.
  • Manage, review, and find what you are looking for from the matter’s email tab. 
  • All time spent composing and reviewing emails is automatically tracked in Smokeball.
  • Learn more about Email Management in Smokeball.

Additional Resources

Watch this video for a more in-depth look at Smokeball Basics.

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