Foundations: Essentials

The objective of Foundations: Essentials training is to build on everything you learned in Foundations: Basics and introduce additional features that can help take your firm to the next level.

At this point, you should have created some matters and started using many core features so this is your opportunity to review anything you know and ask questions on anything important to your firm.

A variety of topics may be covered, but in Foundations: Essentials, you will learn how to:

  • Review Activity Intelligence to get ready to bill
  • Create Time & Expenses for billing
  • Send secure messages and files through Communicate
  • Create Tasks or standardized Workflows to never miss an important to-do

After your first two trainings, you will be in great shape to see a lot of benefits in Smokeball, but Smokeball has so much more to offer. Learn more about additional powerful features in Going Further training or browse all the additional resource available.

Foundations: Essentials Topics

Activity Intelligence Overview

Time and Expenses Overview

Communicate Overview

Tasks and Workflows

Activity Intelligence Overview

One of Smokeball's unique tools is the ability to keep track of every activity completed in Smokeball.

  • Activity Intelligence is similar to having an activity tracker like a fit bit or pedometer that helps you remember everything you are doing throughout the day including events, tasks, documents, emails, memos, and even matter administration.
  • Use this Activity Intelligence to prevent missing any potential billable time for Smokeball Billing and understand firm profitability in Firm Insights.
  • Learn more about Activity Intelligence.

Time & Expenses Overview

Now that you have been using Smokeball for a period of time, it is important to understand how to create time, fee, and expense entries in Smokeball.

Communicate Overview

Communicate is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing feature. from Smokeball Desktop or the Communicate App.

We call it Communicate because you can use it for so much more.

  • Send messages or files securely to any client or third party
  • Chat internally with staff or create internal channels
  • Send text message
  • Receive important messages on firm profitability reporting and more!
  • Learn more about Communicate

Tasks & Workflows

Tasks are a great way to keep track of any important to-do's for the firm. Workflows are a series of repetitive tasks that you can use across all matters.

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