Communicate Overview

Communicate by Smokeball is the best way to share confidential information with clients. 

Communicate offers secure messaging and file sharing and improves firm communication with internal channels, matter chats, and weekly messaging. Additionally, Smokeball automatically tracks the time you spend using Communicate.

Read on to learn Communicate’s core features. Click on the related links for a deeper dive into each feature. 

Communicate Features

Secure File Sharing and Messaging


Internal Messaging, Matter, Conversation, and Channels


Communicate Mobile App
  • Send messages and review files on the go through Smokeball's Communicate App. 
  • Receive notifications of messages directly to your phone so you never miss an important message. 
  • Secure chat with any client of third party. 
  • Learn more about the Communicate Mobile App.


SMS Text Messaging


Smokeball Bot
  • Smokeball's Bot will send you various messages to help you navigate the business side or day to day firm operations.
  • Use the Smokeball Bot to create reminders for reviewing or responding to important information and receive high-level profitability information.
  • Learn more about the Smokeball Bot.


Client Experience
  • Communicate assures your clients that all conversations they have with your firm and any confidential information shared is secure. 
  • Use internal chat and channels to keep everyone in your firm on the same page for responding to client questions.
  • Clients or any third party can connect to your firm on Communicate using the mobile app or on a web browser. If you are looking for a client or third-party facing resource, send them to the third party experience article


Did You Know

  • Smokeball will also send a Windows desktop notification for any new Communicate messages that remain unread after 30 seconds. Clicking on the notification will send you directly to the conversation.
    • Smokeball must be open for desktop notifications to work.
    • Any Windows notification blockers, such as Focus Assist, must be set to off for this feature to work.


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