Send messages and files via the Communicate Client Portal

The Communicate Client Portal is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing system. Read on to learn how to send messages and files using the client portal.

Received a message or file from someone on the client portal? Learn about all the ways to view it.

There are three ways to send messages or files securely through a client's matter in Smokeball.

Send a message from within a matter

  1. If you are in a matter, you can select the Message button to start a conversation. blobid14.png
    • You can message external or internal parties, compose your message, attach files, and share.
  2. You can choose to send the message as an SMS and toggle on multi-factor authentication. blobid15.png
  3. If an email address has not yet been set up for the contact, you can add an email from this screen as well by selecting the blue Add New link. blobid16.png
    • Enter the email address and then select save.
  4. Compose the contents of the message in the Message field.
    • Select Attach to include an attachment. blobid17.png
    • To include a clickable link with your message, select Add Link and then complete the fields in the Add Link pop-up window.
      • Press Ctrl and left click with your mouse if you need to edit the link. blobid18.png
  5. Select the Share button when you are ready to send the message to the recipient(s).


Send a message from the Messages tab

  • You can also send a message from the Messages tab on a matter or from the home screen.
    • Select the + to add any external party or internal staff to be included in the conversation.
    • Scroll down and select create.


  • Once a message is sent, any client or third party will receive a notification of the message.
    • If your client or third party have not used the client portal yet, they will receive an email inviting them to view the files/messages. Review the Communicate Client Portal Third Party Experience for more information on your recipient’s experience.
    • The client portal has a variety of read receipts. Once a message is read, the recipient’s initials will appear by any message.


  • If you send messages to external participants, Communicate has helpful notifications available.


Share files via the Communicate Client Portal

You can also choose to Share files that you send your clients in Communicate.

Changes you make to a document in Smokeball will carry over to a client when it is shared. Your clients can then view the latest version of the document from Communicate without you needing to send them multiple versions.

When you click on a Shared document:

  1. The Shared icon is denoted next to the name of the document.
  2. Information on the document's last update is located in the top-right corner of the document viewer.
  3. [Version 8.13 onwards] Select the three dots on the top-right corner of the document to remove client access to it.

Note: Prosper+ users can also share folders with their clients

Send a message using the Communicate Client Portal mobile app

Client portal Messages can be sent and reviewed via the Communicate Client Portal Mobile App.

Note: Any files added on the mobile app will be from your device. If you want to share Smokeball files, follow the steps above. However, shared files can be reviewed on the Communicate Client Portal Mobile app.

Learn more about the Communicate Client Portal Mobile App.

Use Messages with Smokeball Boost

Communicate can also be accessed through Smokeball Boost by selecting Messages from the left panel.

You can also access a specific matter’s Communicate messages by selecting the Messages tab. 

Did You Know

  • Although the best practice is to always send files in Smokeball, you can share files while in Outlook via the Communicate Client Portal by selecting share file(s) via secure link button.
    • A link will be generated for your client or any third party to log into the client portal.


  • Smokeball users can also log into the client portal on a web browser to review messages as well. 
    • All external clients and third parties must enter their email address to get a new secure link to access their conversations.
    • Note: You can only attach files and documents from your hard drive if you are using client portal on your web browser. If you wish to send files from the Documents section of a Smokeball matter, use the client portal through the desktop version of Smokeball.


  • Files received from the Communicate Client Portal will automatically be saved into the matter’s Documents section.
    • Files from the client portal will be indicated by a chat bubble icon in the Shared column.


      • To display this Shared column, right-click on the table header and select Shared.


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