Smokeball Bot

We have added a bot to Communicate which will send various messages to help you navigate your day and improve firm operations.

This bot is automated from Smokeball and any message you receive will be visible to any members of the conversation it is sent to. At this time, Smokeball Bot is set up to send the following automated messages at this time: 

Firm Insights Weekly Link

Communicate Remind Me Reminders

Firm Insights Weekly Link

Each Monday, users with firm owner permissions will be sent a link to the Profitability dashboards found in Firm Insights, which is a powerful report to help firm owners keep track of how their business is going. 

  • In any business, it is not always easy to remember to step away from the day-to-day and take the time to review the bigger picture or it becomes something on the “To Do” list that often never gets done. 
  • This message is a useful reminder to take a look at how your matters are tracked via the time tracked in AI versus what has been billed and collected for those matters, timekeepers, or areas of law. 
  • The message will be sent as a conversation with any firm owners on Monday morning. 
  • Just below the message, there will be a link labeled "Don't show me this anymore." Clicking on this link will unsubscribe the firm owner from the automated weekly Firm Insights message. 

  • Firm owners can subscribe to the weekly Firm Insights message by clicking on the link labeled "Click here to start receiving them again." 

Remind Me Reminders

After you have set your reminders in Communicate, your reminder will come at the scheduled reminder time as a direct message in Communicate from Smokeball Bot.

  • It is important to be able to create action items or reminders if any messages or files need more attention at a later time.
  • Communicate includes a Remind Me feature where you can remind yourself outside of creating a task to review the message.
  • Learn more about Communicate Remind Me Reminders.


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