Review Communicate Client Portal messages and files

Learn how to find all Communicate Client Portal messages addressed to you and how to access them at any time. 

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View Messages

When you receive a message, you will receive an alert on the: 


Actions you can take on each message 

Messages can be reviewed and edited from the Messages tab. 


Use pins to keep tabs on your most important conversations or messages and view all pinned messages in the Pinned tab. 


View files received in Messages

Select the Files tab to view all files shared in this conversation. 


Select any file to get a larger view and add comments directly related to any file.

Files received through Messages will be saved to the Messages folder in your matter's documents section.

Actions you can take in a Communicate conversation 

Managing a Communicate conversation is best done from within the Communicate tab in a matter.

Select the three dots icon on the top-right corner of the conversation to:  

  • Add or remove participants (manage participants) 
  • Export the conversation to a matter files list 
  • Pin the conversation
  • Archive the conversation 


If you are looking for a specific conversation or part of a conversation, use the search bar on the left panel of the Communicate tab. 

Communicate messages can also be popped open to another window. 

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