Share Folders via the Client Portal

Available on Smokeball Prosper+

In addition to individual files, you can also share entire folders with your client. Any sub-folders in the folder will also be shared, and any modifications to a file or folder will be automatically reflected in the Client Portal. Third parties can also download, review, and comment on documents. Read on to learn more.

Share a Folder

  1. Navigate to the Documents section of your matter.
  2. Right-click on the folder you wish to share and select Share Client Portal.
  3. Choose the recipients by selecting the Add+ button under Parties.
  4. Include additional comments or instructions in the Message text box.  
  5. Select Send

The shared folder will be noted by a special icon in your conversation.



Selecting the folder will show the sub-structure.

Did You Know

  • There are limits of 130 files per message and 5 GB per file.
  • This feature is not intended to be used for discovery. 
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