Payment button and QR code does not appear on an invoice

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If a PDF invoice doesn't contain a Pay Now button or QR code, it's likely due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The setting to disable the Pay button and QR code is enabled in the Edit Matter settings.
  2. While you can add multiple debtors to the invoice, the payment link will only appear if there is one debtor listed on the invoice.
  3. The matter is in a different State than the trust account that is connected to your credit card processor (Smokeball Payments or LawPay).
    • For example, your firm's IL trust account is connected to LawPay, but the matter you are sending the invoice from is an IN matter.
    • Navigate to Firm Settings > Accounts > Trust Account Settings to ensure the correct state has been selected in the trust account.
  4. The wrong trust account is connected to your credit card processor. To check which account is connected, log into Stripe and navigate to Firm Settings > Payment Provider. You can then review trust account assignments under the Credit Card Payments section.
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