Internal Reference

An Internal Reference number is a filing number used to track every matter.

Smokeball can already organize your Matters by Client Name or Matter Type. You can set up the Internal Reference within Smokeball to mirror your current filing system.

If you are new to Smokeball and still need to migrate your matters into Smokeball, wait to set up Internal Reference until you are creating brand new matters.

How to Set Up Internal Reference

  • There are two ways to get to Smokeball settings from Smokeball's home screen.

  • Set up or edit your internal reference formatting
    • (1) Choose to manually enter you reference number for every matter or create an auto-reference. The auto-reference will create an auto counter
    • (2) Create the desired format. Use the arrows ("<<" or ">>") to change the order of the fields at any time,
      • The "text" field can be used to enter special characters or letters."
    • (3) Save

  • You can organize your Home Screen ir search for a Matter using the Internal Reference.

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