Sync Smokeball with your Outlook calendar

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Learn how to connect and sync your Outlook calendar with Smokeball, allowing you to manage calendar events either in Outlook or Smokeball, depending on your firm's preferences.

Any calendar event created in Smokeball will appear on Outlook, and every event created in Outlook can appear in Smokeball.

You can configure both features in the Outlook and Notifications tab located in Smokeball Settings.

How to access Outlook and notification settings

  1. Select File from the top-left corner of the Smokeball desktop app.
  2. Select Smokeball Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Outlook and Notifications tab.


Sync your Smokeball calendar with your local Outlook desktop calendar

  1. In the Outlook and Notifications tab, navigate to the Calendar sync section.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. Select a calendar to sync with.

The option to sync Smokeball with your Microsoft 365 account has been temporarily disabled, while we work on improving the calendar sync functionality.

Working with the calendar sync

The calendar sync provides a two-way connection between Smokeball and your Outlook calendar.

  • If you add, edit or delete an event in Smokeball, these changes will be reflected in your Outlook calendar.
  • If you add, edit or delete an event in Outlook, these changes will be reflected in Smokeball.
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