Outlook and Notification Settings

Smokeball's calendar syncs with Outlook. Any calendar event created in Smokeball can appear Outlook, and every event created in Outlook can appear in Smokeball.

You can choose to receive a Daily Digest. Your Daily Digest will include everything that is on the docket today including important tasks and calendar events.

Depending on your firm's calendar preferences, you may be using Outlook or Smokeball as your primary place of creating calendar events.

You will want to sync your Outlook calendar to Smokeball for every user regardless. Talk with your Account Manager for the best practices of calendaring for your firm.

How to Sync Outlook & Smokeball Calendars.

  • There are two ways to navigate to Outlook & Notifications settings in Smokeball.

  • Select Outlook and Notifications.
    • (1) If you would like to receive a daily email with everything on the docket, select "send me a daily summary e-mail every morning." Learn more about the Daily Digest.
    • (2) Force Email Allocation: This is a helpful setting to make sure you never forget to save important emails to Smokeball.  We recommend keeping this setting enabled as you learn the best practices of Email Management in Smokeball.
      • When you send an email outside of Smokeball from outlook, you will be prompted to always associate a matter. We recommend keeping this setting enabled 

  • To finish syncing your calendar, select "enabled" and select yes. To make sure events properly sync, make sure to keep Outlook and Smokeball open.

  • Select "Refresh Calendar List" if the desired calendar does not appear.
    • Select the appropriate calendar for the user logged in.
    • Once you select save, events from Outlook will begin to appear in Smokeball's Calendar View. Learn more about Smokeball's Calendar.
    • If calendar events are not syncing over from Outlook to Smokeball. Reach out to our Support team.

Did you know...

  • You can set up group calendars or meeting room calendars in Smokeball.  For example: Court Date group calendar, Real Estate Closing Dates group calendar
    • Note: these calendars will not sync with current outlook calendars since the calendar sync is done on a user level.
    • If you are a firm that has a variety of shared calendars in Outlook, talk to your Account Manager about the best practices of calendaring for your firm.

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