Communicate Internal Messaging Channels

Communicate not only allows you to have conversations with external third party , it becomes your internal communication hub.

Communicate allows you to send messages and files to individual users or groups of users at your firm. You can even set up channels with any member(s) to keep everyone on the same page.

This article walks through the various ways to use Communicate for internal communication

Individual Direct Messages or Group Chats

Internal Matter Conversations

Communicate Channels

 Individual Direct Messages or Group Chats

Communicate allows you to collaborate and internally message other members in the firm. This will help keep all correspondence with staff in one place.

Direct messaging is available on the Android and iOS apps as well as within Smokeball. 

  • From the Communicate Tab, select the "+" under direct messages

  • You can check read receipts by seeing their initials after any messages or use the file reviewing features.

  • Alerts will be available for internal messages in Smokeball and in the Communicate Mobile App as well.

 Internal Matter Conversations

Communicate allows you to collaborate and internally message other members in the firm about specific matters. This will help keep all correspondence and activity about a given matter with staff in Smokeball. Internal Matter Conversations are available on the Android and iOS apps as well as within Smokeball.

If you are having a conversation related to a matter, the best practice is to create an Internal Matter Conversation.

  • From a Matter, select the "+" under Internal Matter Conversations, add any staff, and go.
  • The internal conversation will be accessible on the left side at any time.

Communicate Channels

Channels allow firms to have group discussions/conversations related to a specific purpose or topic. For example, a firm may create a channel for important alerts or emergencies, a social club, or even planning a holiday party or event.

Firm users can create, join or leave a channel. All participants of a channel will get an unread notification when a new message is sent.

Given that more and more businesses are now working remotely, these internal channels provide a great method of communicating to several staff members with regards to any type of firm updates, processes, policies or just for fun based conversations.

  • To create a channel, select the "+"  under channels in Communicate.
    • Create a channel name, select the staff you want to include in the channel and select go.
    • Note: You will see the 10 most recent Channels in the side bar. As new messages are received, the list will refresh.

  • Review/Edit Messages and Review/Share files.
    • You can past hyperlinks to websites in messages as well.

  • If you are looking for a specific channel, select the magnifying glass to search or browse through all channels.

  • Users can join channels or be removed from channels at any time by selecting "manage participants."

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