Set up Client Portal Reminders

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

As clients send you important messages, it is important to be able to create action items or reminders if any messages or files need more attention at a later time.

The Client Portal includes a Remind Me feature where you can can remind yourself outside of creating a task to review the message.

How to use Remind Me

  • Hover over any message and select the kabab (vertical "...") and select Remind Me.
    • Choose to receive the reminder in an hour, tomorrow morning, or next week.

  • Any message with a reminder will have a confirmation message below the message.
    • You can change or delete the reminder at any time.

  • Reminders can be set while using the Communicate Client Portal Mobile App as well.
    • Select and hold any message to select "remind me" to receive the same options.

  • Reminders will be sent as a direct message from "Smokeball Bot."
    • From any Reminder, you can jump to view the original message.

  • From any message, select "back to you" to jump back to your direct message from the Smokeball Bot.

  • Reminders are sent via the Communicate Client Portal Mobile app as well.
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