Communicate SMS Text Messages

Communicate can send an SMS text message directly from a conversation. This allows for you to reach someone via text message even if they are not using the Communicate Mobile Application. 

Communicate SMS text messages are one-way read only messages. They are commonly used to get urgency across to any client or third party or if you want to send a reminder via text.

In order to respond to messages and review files, clients and other third parties must download the Communicate application. Learn more about the Communicate client experience.

This article walks through how to send Communicate SMS Text Messages.

How to send Communicate SMS Text Messages

  • Select the "send as SMS" button when sending a message and send.
    • SMS messages will always default to send to the cell phone.
    • Reminder: Communicate SMS Text messages are a one way message. Clients must download the Communicate App or log in using a browser to chat and review files.

  • Clients will receive a "DO NOT REPLY" text message.

  • All Communicate SMS Text Messages will be saved in your message log. 
    • A status will be included with the message.
      • Sending SMS: Message is in transit.
      • Sent SMS: Message sent.
      • Delivered: Message was delivered and read.
      • Failed to Deliver SMS:
    • Resend a message by selecting "resend as SMS" at any time.

  • At this time, SMS messages are read only on the Communicate Mobile App.
    • If your client or any third party downloads the Communicate Mobile App, they can receive notifications of messages.

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