Communicate with External Smokeball Users

As a Smokeball User, you are part of a community of users of other external  Smokeball users.

Communicate allows you to collaborate with other external  Smokeball users.

Share Smokeball best practices, templates, and more using this feature.

How to Use Communicate with External Smokeball Users

  • When you start a conversation with other external Smokeball users, conversations will appear under your "Firm Inbox."
    • A green banner will appear to let you know the conversation involves a Smokeball user at another firm.
    • If the conversation is linked to a particular matter, select "assign."
      • If you have several matters to discuss with other Smokeball firms, the best practice is to set up separate conversations. This will allow you to focus the conversation and track time in the conversation.

  • Select the kebab (three vertical "..." to copy text, create a task, or create reminders.

  • You can view participants of any external Smokeball users involved in the conversation.

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