Create a PDF or Combine Multiple Files into a PDF

Smokeball can easily help you convert a file into PDF or combine multiple files into one PDF.

Once documents, emails, images, etc. are created or imported into Smokeball, right click to convert to a PDF or to generate a PDF of multiple documents.

Smokeball can also help track and save changes when working with PDFs in Adobe.

How to generate PDFs in Smokeball

  • There are several ways to create PDFs in Smokeball. A quick and easy way is to right click on any file.
    • Selecting "create PDF" will convert the file to a single PDF file:

  • Select "create multiple file PDF" to combine a variety of files into one PDF.
    • Once you are in the Combined PDF window, you will notice a number of options available for the document: 

  • Cover Page: Users can choose to set a “cover page” in the document which will mark the first document in the “selected files” list as the cover page. This document will be marked with a “page” icon:

  • Table of Contents: Table of Contents: By selecting the “Table of Contents” option an auto generated Table of contents will be included in the final copy of the combined PDF:

  • Pagination: Pagination can be applied to the final document and allows you to choose your preferences around display, positioning and when to show/start the count:

  • Bookmarks: By selecting “Bookmarks” the document will be generated with bookmarks that allow viewers to easily navigate between documents within the compiled PDF:

  • Bates Stamping: Smokeball offers the ability to include bates numbers when creating a combined PDF: 

  • Secure PDF: By selecting "Make PDF secure", the user will be able to create their own read and/or write passwords: 

  • Preview: At any stage of compiling the PDF, users can now preview what the document will look like before they save it. This will help with ensuring pagination does not overlap with any pre-existing pagination that may be on an individual document within: 

  • Show/Hide Emails: Users can now opt to hide/show emails from the available file list to make it easier to locate the relevant documents. 
  •  You can also create a PDF and combine files into a PDF when emailing a client by adding an attachment and following the same step.

Did You Know

  • You can also use Nitro and Foxit reader programs, but Smokeball only has the capability to save changes made to a document from Adobe programs (standard and Pro). Learn more about PDFs and Smokeball.
  • You can create templates to automate PDFs. Learn more about PDF Automation.
  • OCR'd PDF's are searchable in Smokeball. Any PDF created by Smokeball will be searchable in Smokeball.
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