E-file: Relevant URLs and Publish Online

Relevant URLs is a setting to use for Smokeball's "Publish Online" Feature. This feature allows you to take any file in Smokeball and upload it to a website.

If you are looking to E-file, use Smokeball's integration with InfoTrack for the best user experience. Learn more about InfoTrack.

How to Create Relevant URLs

  • Select Relevant URLs tab in Matter Configuration
    • (1) Enter the Name
    • (2) Enter the URL of the website. Best practice is to copy and paste it from your browser
    • (3) Click Add
    • Save or move to another tab in Matter Configuration

  • To upload a document online, right click on the document in the individual matter and select "Publish Online."
    • If the file is not already converted to a PDF, Smokeball will prompt you to convert the file to a PDF.
    • You can then follow the website's prompts to upload the document

  • Follow the log in steps of the website.
    • When you get to the page where you upload the document, right click to paste or hit "control v" to paste the string and upload the document.

Did You Know 

  • Documents that you publish online through Smokeball are saved locally to your computer in the Documents>Smokeball>Lodgements folder.
  • Clicking Publish Online adds the document to your clipboard, so be sure to upload it before copying anything else; otherwise, you will have to re-publish the document.
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