Google Chrome Extension

When Smokeball is installed, a Google Chrome extension can be enabled to help you save pages and online pdfs directly to a Smokeball matter.

This feature is only available if you are using Google Chrome and not available on other web browsers. 

Note: Not all court or agency allow third party apps like the Smokeball Chrome extension to save directly to Smokeball.

How to Use the Smokeball Google Chrome Extension

  • Navigate to Google Chrome Extension Toolbar from the top right of chrome.
  • The Google Chrome Toolbar allows you to Save the URL or Save a Page directly to a matter.
  • If you do not see the Smokeball Google Chrome extension, enable the extension first. Enable the Smokeball Google Chrome Extension

  • When you select "save the URL," Smokeball creates a new Note in Smokeball for quick access to the link


  • When you select "save the page," Smokeball saves the website to the files section of your digital file.

  • You can also save the page to a separate folder in a Matter by designating the appropriate place

How to enable the Smokeball Google Chrome Extension

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