InfoTrack Efile Account Set Up

Smokeball's integration with InfoTrack makes it simple to file court documents, check on the status of acceptance, and see the history of a case docket.

When setting up the e-filing integration, select "firm account”. This type of account is for law firms of any size. You can set up several attorneys and multiple administrators in the settings for your firm account.

If you have any questions while setting up your account or want additional training, reach out directly to InfoTrack's team at or (844) 340-3096.

Set Up Your E-File Account

  • Once an account has been created, you will need to complete the set up by accessing the Court Filing Settings.
    • From the Court Filing page, select settings.

  • Go through and edit all InfoTrack settings.

Add users needed for efiling.


Review and edit your firm information.


Add, edit, or remove any Attorney contacts that will be used for efiling.

Service Contact

Add, edit, or remove any service contacts needed for efiling.



One payment method is required to start efiling documents with InfoTrack.


Smokeball clients exclusively can choose a "InfoTrack pays" when efiling. InfoTrack will invoice any efiling fees on a monthly invoice.

Notifcations & Security

Manage your email notifications from efiling and change your password.

Additional Settings

There may be additional State specific settings where you enter your relevant Attorney Codes.


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