InfoTrack Overview and Configuration

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

InfoTrack basics and activation

Smokeball integrates with InfoTrack for a variety of services including efiling, service of process, court docket syncing, electronic signatures with DocuSign,  court rules-based calendaring technology, business formation, and more.

 InfoTrack integrates seamlessly with Smokeball so you still have everything you need in one place.

There are no set up, monthly, or subscription cost associated with utilize InfoTrack features. InfoTrack is a pay-per-use and every service varies in cost. So rather than have to incur multiple subscription costs, InfoTrack simplifies everything into one place and you only pay for services when you need them.

InfoTrack is a sister company of Smokeball and staff are located at Smokeball's headquarters in Chicago. Learn more about InfoTrack Services.

This article walks through the basics of Smokeball's Integration with InfoTrack. If you have any questions regard InfoTrack services, you can call their Help Desk at or (844) 340-3096.

InfoTrack Overview

Activate InfoTrack

InfoTrack Features


InfoTrack is your one stop for quick efiling of court documents in Smokeball. In addition, InfoTrack can give you information on the status of acceptance and history of any case docket. Learn more about setting up E-filing with InfoTrack.

Electronic Signatures with DocuSign

Create and accept electronic signatures with DocuSign. You do not have to have a DocuSign subscription and all documents can be filed automatically in Smokeball. Learn more about Electronic Signatures with DocuSign.

Court Searching & Tracking (Docket Alarm)

Search full court records across all Federal and Bankruptcy courts in all 50 states, ability to perform live PACER search, and track docket details/receive real-time alerts to new court activity and filings.

Business Formation

InfoTrack simplifies the Business Formation process. Automatically use the information you enter into Smokeball to quickly fill in and order anything you need in minutes. Learn more about Business Formation.

1099S Service

If acting as a settlement agent in Real Estate transaction, order 1099s forms and other reporting requirements.

Dunn & Bradstreet Corporate Reporting

Order comprehensive D&B company reports including - Business Background Report, Business Information Report, Corporate Linkage Report including (reveal visualization workspace).

Corporate Service Company (UCC Search)

Order certificates of existence, good standing, and other state based corporate reports.

Know Your Customer Reporting (KYCIT)

Global company reporting.

Process Serving

Initiate a Service of Process order directly from a matter. Learn more about Process Serving.

Activate InfoTrack

  • Select configure for InfoTrack under Integrated Searching settings in Smokeball Settings.
  • Follow the steps to set up your free InfoTrack account. Billing details are required to sign up, but you will only be charged if you use InfoTrack services. 

  • After your account is created, "Authorize" your account by entering your username/password, select "authorize" to complete the set up of the integration.

  • Once configured, you can access InfoTrack Services from any Matter by selecting "New Search" or "eFiling" on the InfoTrack Tab.
    • InfoTrack invoices are sent monthly directly from InfoTrack. Any questions on invoices reach out to InfoTrack directly at or 844-340-3096.

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