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A Memo is a place to store matter work product that you might have previously kept in a legal pad filed alongside your paper file. 

Memos may be used to keep notes on phone call logs, matter logs, deposition notes, discovery notes, record request logs, or any action that occurs in a matter.

Activity for memos saved to a matter is tracked. You can choose to include Memos as billable or not billable entries on AutoTime settings. 

Important Note: Firms which have been using Smokeball prior to July 2018 may have many memos which do not appear in a matter's Memos tab. These old versions of memos are stored in the matter's Documents section, and they are not compatible with Activity. You will need to manually record time for any work done on old memos. 

How to Use Memos:

  • You can quickly add a memo from the Matter Action Bar. A new window will open with a Memo (notepad) to add any notes.

  • Memos are stored in an individual tab located at the top of every matter.

  • When you select the Memo tab, any existing Memos will be accessible to review and review on the left side of the screen.
    • You can create new Memos from the action bar or by selecting "add memo button"

  • Select "pop out" on any Memo to review individual memos in a new window.
    • You can use the "pop out" feature to review multiple Memos at the same time.

  • You can search Memos for any content by typing in the search bar.

  • Right click to attach a memo to a task or see version history.

  • You can override or change time of memo by selecting / highlighting text and typing new date or time.

Quick Add Memos

You can create a memo without first opening a matter. Follow these steps when you need to take notes as fast as possible and do not have time to navigate to the correct matter:

  1. Select the Memo button in the main Smokeball window.
  2. Enter a title for the memo and enter your notes.
  3. Once you have finished your notes, select the Browse button and then assign the memo to the relevant matter. 
  4. Select the Save link.
    • The save option will only be available after the memo is assigned to a matter. 



  • You can add a timestamp to any memo.
    • While drafting or editing a memo, select the timestamp button to automatically add the date, time, and staff initials.


Did You Know

  • To print any Memo(s), select the "print" button at the top of the action bar.

  • Memos can be searched from Smokeball's Home Screen.

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