Matter Tabs

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Each matter has additional tabs to help keep you organized and improve your productivity when working on a matter.

Matter Tabs Overview


The File tab is where you access additional Matter Settings or options:

  • Delete a Matter
  • Duplicating a matter creates a new matter with the existing details
  • Copy as a Template creates a Matter Template. Learn more about Matter Templates.
  • Matter Settings is where you can add or remove parties from the matter.
  • Help and Support will get you to our Knowledge Base and Support Info
  • Close closes the Matter screen.
Intake Forms

You can access your matter's LeadPro and/or MatterFlow forms in this section. 


Matter is the default view where you can access your Matter Details, Files, and Widgets.


The Emails tab is the best place to review and manage emails in Smokeball once they have been saved to a matter.


Memos are a notepad where you can take additional notes on anything for the matter like phone call notes, etc. Learn more about Memos.


Events is where you can see all upcoming and previous Calendar Events from a client. Previous events will appear in red.


Tasks are all the important "to-do's" that help you manage critical deadlines. To view all tasks associated with a matter, select the Tasks tab. Learn more about Tasks & Workflows.


The Activity tab will show you the Activity Intelligence for a specific matter including all time tracked by Smokeball. Learn more about Activity.


InfoTrack is one of Smokeball's powerful integration partners. InfoTrack provides services like e-filling, electronic signing with DocuSign, Business formation, etc. The InfoTrack tab is your one place to see any InfoTrack orders for a particular matter. Learn more about InfoTrack.

Time & Expenses

Time & Expenses includes all time, fee, and expense entries for a particular matter. Any entry can be created, reviewed, or edited from the Time & Expenses tab. Learn more about Time & Expenses.

Matter Insights

Matter Insights provides a snapshot to estimated profitability report on a particular matter. Firm Insights is a powerful profitability feature that can help with the business side of running a small law firm. Learn more about Firm Insights.

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