Mobile App Matters

Using the Mobile App for accessing your matters is like having all your files in the palm of your hand.

Whether you are trying to get quick contact information, look up a file, create a calendar event, etc., Smokeball's Mobile App has you covered.

Mobile App Matters Basics

  • Select the "^" on the bottom of the screen and select Matters

  • Search or select the Matter. Your recently accessed Matters will appear at the top of the list.

  • Use the arrows ("<" and ">") to navigate between Tabs at the top of the Matter
    • The Mobile App includes all your Contact Details, Files, Tasks, Events, Time, and Notes from the matter

  • Mobile App Matter Tabs Overview

See your Next Step and party contact information. Select any contact to review, edit, access more contact information. 

  • Email your prospect. Note: Emails sent from your phone's email application won't automatically save to Smokeball unless they are part of an email chain. 


Access any files from your Matters. It is possible to print, email, etc. from the Mobile App. If you are sharing sensitive files or information, the best practice is to use Communicate for secure messaging and file sharing.


Review, complete, edit, or select the "+" to create a new Task.


Review, edit, or select the "+" to create a new Calendar Event. You can search for Calendar Events as well.


Review, edit, or select the "+" to create Time and Fee entries.


Review, edit, or select the "+" to create Notes.


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