Why is my Word document not saving?

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

When working on a Word document that needs to be saved to a Smokeball matter, make sure you are saving your document using the integrated ribbon. By default, the ribbon is located in the upper left corner of Word. 

If you are saving the document for the first time, select the Save to Smokeball button and then choose which matter to save the document to.


For updating a document already saved to a matter, the best practice is to open it from your matter before making any edits. Once you are finished editing the document, use the Smokeball ribbon in Word to select Save, Save As, or Save & Close.

You should also check for the document in the correct section of your matter by selecting the Documents filter.

Right-click on the table heading and select Date & Time Modifiedthis will show the exact time the document was saved. If this does not match the time you actually saved it, then it did not save. Try saving it again via the Smokeball ribbon.

Important Notes 

  • Using Ctrl+S to save the document does not guarantee the document will save to your matter. 
  • We highly recommend you save documents frequently, as Word's Autosaving functionality doesn't apply to documents linked to a matter.
  • If none of the recommendations above work, reach out to our support team for additional assistance.


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