Working on Smokeball without Internet

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

You will receive the following message in the Matters view if you are working offline:

If you are unable to access the Internet, it is still possible to work with your some of your recent matter files. Smokeball locally stores up to 15 recently opened matter files on your PC. You can access these matters by using the Recently Viewed links.

Did You Know

  • Offline mode has other limited functionalities. Tasks and Calendar will still work in offline mode. However, Tasks and Calendar will not sync with other users until you are online again.
  • Advanced Search and Quick Search are disabled in offline mode.
  • You cannot view the contact list in offline mode. 
  • Existing matters will still be visible on the Matters tab, but most individual matter details will be inaccessible until your internet connection is restored. You will only be able to access the fifteen most recently viewed matters. 


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