VXT Integration

Available on Smokeball Prosper+

Centralise your database of contacts and account for all billable phone call hours with our VXT integration.

VXT eliminates the need for manually entering phone calls, accurately records the time you spend on the phone with your clients, and syncs all Smokeball contacts.

Learn more about VXT, including pricing.

The VXT team explains how the integration works below:

Connect Smokeball to VXT

  1. Select the Settings page on VXT and then select Integrations.
  2. Select Smokeball. blobid9.png
  3. Choose Australia from the region list. 2024-02-07_08h51_18.png
  4. Log in with your Smokeball credentials. blobid8.png
  5. Select Continue in the window prompt.

Set up contact syncing

  1. You will receive a notification when Smokeball is connected to VXT.
  2. Toggle on the Contact Syncing option. blobid3.png
  3. Select the Enable button in the window prompt. blobid4.png
  4. You will receive a notification once the sync is enabled.

How contact syncing works

Once connected, contacts automatically sync with VXT every 10 minutes.


Sync settings can be adjusted by accessing Edit Settings under the VXT Integrations Settings page.


All contacts synced from Smokeball will be visible in the Smokeball Integration tab on the VXT Contacts page.


Make a call in VXT

  1. Select your contact in VXT.
    • If you need to transcribe the call, hit the record button once the call begins. blobid7.png
  2. At the end of the call, a pop-up window in VXT will give you the option to save the phone call as a task and save it to a Smokeball matter. blobid8.png
  3. Use the Get transcription button on the message tab to obtain a copy of the transcription.
    • You can also access the transcription later under the details section of the phone call. blobid9.png

How VXT calls are recorded in Smokeball

All phone calls made from VXT will appear in Smokeball. These calls include:

  • Call details
  • Notes recorded in VXT
  • Call transcript (if you send it over)

Smokeball will assign a task to the staff member connected to the VXT account and assigned to the matter.

  • If the phone call is not associated with a contact card in Smokeball, then it will not be linked to the matter. The phone number will still appear, but you will have to manually link the call to the matter.blobid10.png

How VXT works with activity tracking in Smokeball

  • All VXT calls, inbound and outbound, are recorded in Smokeball.
  • AutoTime records all calls as tasks in Activity.
  • AutoTime assigns activity to the related matter.
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