Authorising your Zoom Integration

Before you authorise:

  • You must have a zoom account set up prior to this process, see Article: Setting up Zoom 
  • You must have an admin/owner account to authorise the integration 
  • Staff within the organisation must be linked to the admin account to appear in the mapped users


Authorising Zoom in Smokeball

1. Open Smokeball Settings

2. Scroll to "Zoom Integration" tab

3. Click "Authorise"

4. Sign into Zoom using your account admin/owner credentials

5. You will be presented with a confirmation message once completed 

6. If at any stage you with to de-authorise Zoom, you can click the "De-authorise" button in this screen

Minimum Meeting Duration 

This is a setting used to control your Activity Tracking. 

If a meeting you are in falls under the selected time, no activity will be recorded.

Mapped Users

Users are mapped from your Zoom account and matched up with the related Smokeball user. This feature is to allow Smokeball to know your Personal Meeting ID when you join a meeting in Zoom.

You will see your Smokeball user names appear in the left column and their Zoom Personal Meeting ID in the right column.


  • Users are mapped based on the email address listed in their staff card 
  • Only enabled Users are mapped to zoom (if the person is set up a a staff member only, the mapping will not work) 
    • Please see Staff and Users for more information on managing your Smokeball accounts
  • Mapping will automatically update as users are added to either Smokeball or Zoom
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