Recall and remember the progress of a matter

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This article provides valuable tips and strategies for quickly recalling the details of a client matter, even if it has not been accessed in weeks or months. Communicate with your client confidently and effectively, by giving yourself an easy refresher on the matter.

Tip 1: Use matter stages

Setting up matter stages helps you recall matter actions by providing a clear and organised overview of matter progress. You can use matter stages to indicate the current status of the matter, such as:

  • New matter;
  • In mediation;
  • Awaiting hearing;
  • Matter closed;

Or any name of your choice.

By clearly defining these stages and communicating them to the client, they can understand the progress on their matter and what still needs to be done. This can also help to keep clients informed and involved in the process.

Learn more about setting up matter stages.

Tip 2: Review tasks

Reviewing completed and upcoming tasks can help you recall what you have done on a matter. This can help you stay on top of the matter and improve communication and trust with clients.

To review a record of tasks for a matter:

  1. Open the matter file.
  2. Select the Tasks heading. blobid0.png
  3. Use the To Do filter to review upcoming tasks.
  4. Use the Completed filter to review completed tasks.

Tip 3: Open the matter timeline 

The matter timeline can help you recall the matter by providing a comprehensive and chronological view of all actions and communications.

The timeline can include information such as phone calls, emails, document drafts and reviews, meetings, and deadlines.

Reviewing this information allows you to quickly recall what you have done on the matter, who you have spoken with, what documents have been shared, and other actions.

The Matter timeline is part of AutoTime.

To open the matter timeline:

  1. Open the Matter file.
  2. Go to the Activity heading. blobid1.png
  3. You can filter by date and activity type if required.
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