Incorrect dates in Smokeball Billing - May 2023

We have identified and fixed an issue in Smokeball Billing which affected some of the dates entered by users.

If you or a firm staff member have entered or edited a date in the following areas in Smokeball Billing between 25th May 2023 and 30th May 2023, please check that the correct dates are displayed:

  • Fee Entry
  • Disbursement Entry
  • Deposit Funds – Trust and Controlled Money Accounts (CMA)
  • Trust and CMA Payments made from the Transactions tab of the matter
  • Invoice Payment

Amending incorrect dates

If you notice that a date is incorrect on any of the entries listed above, follow these steps to amend them.

For fee and disbursement entries, open the entry and pick the correct date from the date picker. Then, select Update.

To amend deposited funds, trust payments and invoice payments, you need to reverse the deposit or payment in order to reapply the correct date.

Should you require further assistance with editing these entries, get in touch with our Support Team.

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