MinuteMe Integration


Learn how to integrate MinuteMe into Smokeball, allowing you to seamlessly manage meeting agendas and minutes in Smokeball matters.


By connecting MinuteMe to Smokeball, you can:

  • Manage all client matter meetings from MinuteMe, with all meeting outputs sent directly to the matter in Smokeball
  • Manage internal and administrative meetings from MinuteMe
  • Transfer open matter details to MinuteMe
  • Open a matter in Smokeball from within MinuteMe
  • Link individual meeting topics to a matter in Smokeball, along with any associated actions
  • Sync tasks between MinuteMe and Smokeball
  • Search Smokeball contacts and staff from MinuteMe to add to meetings
  • Convert meeting agendas and minutes into a professionally formatted PDF that can be saved to the matter in Smokeball
  • Sync MinuteMe with Outlook 365 or Google Calendars and select the matter from there.

Learn more about MinuteMe from the MinuteMe website. For assistance with using MinuteMe, refer to the MinuteMe Help Centre.

Connect MinuteMe to Smokeball

Before you begin: The initial connection can only be performed by a user with Owner Access in MinuteMe.

  1. In MinuteMe, select your avatar icon and select Profile & settings.
  2. On the Integrations tab, select Connect under Smokeball Australia.
  3. You will be prompted to log in to Smokeball with your credentials. After successfully logging in, choose your workspace from the drop-down menu and select Save.

Once connected, any meeting series in this workspace can now be assigned to a Smokeball matter.

MinuteMe will only access the following data in your Smokeball account:

  • Summary details of open matters (such as title, reference, contacts and staff)
  • Contacts (name and email) and Staff (name and email)
  • Tasks that have been saved to Smokeball from MinuteMe
  • Files that have been saved to Smokeball from MinuteMe

Assign a matter to a meeting

When you create a new meeting in MinuteMe, there will now be an option to Link matter. All meetings for a specific matter will be grouped together in a series so that the series is linked to the matter.

You can assign the matter upon creating the meeting or at a later date by editing the meeting details.

Assigning a matter to a series will automatically set the series title based on the matter details - however, you can change the title of individual meetings. If any matter details are updated in Smokeball, the series title will be updated as well.

A matter cannot be added to a Single Meeting.

Assign a matter to a meeting topic

For meeting series that are not connected to a matter, you can assign matters to individual topics. This is useful for meetings where multiple matters are discussed (e.g. team meeting).

To link a topic to a matter, select the action menu (three dots icon) and select Link topic to matter.

When a topic is assigned to a matter, action items created on that topic will be immediately added to the matter as tasks. Also, notes for the topic will be saved as a memo on the matter when the minutes are sent.

Open a matter in Smokeball from MinuteMe

Once you have linked a matter to a meeting series, select the action menu (three dots icon) next to the meeting title, then select View in Smokeball.

Add a Smokeball calendar event to MinuteMe via Outlook or Google Calendar

If your calendar is hosted on Microsoft 365 Outlook or Google Calendar, you can add meetings from there into a new or existing series in MinuteMe.

From your Outlook Calendar dashboard or Google Calendar dashboard, select a meeting to import into MinuteMe.

  • If there is a matter assigned to this meeting, MinuteMe will recognise it as a match and preselect the matter in the Matter dropdown.
  • If the matter is not assigned to this meeting in Outlook or Google Calendar, you may choose to add the meeting to an existing series (if the matter already has meetings in MinuteMe), or to a new series.

Learn more about connecting MinuteMe to your Microsoft365 Calendar or Google Calendar.

Generate a PDF agenda or minutes and save to Smokeball

After a meeting has been completed, you can generate a PDF of the agenda or minutes that can be saved directly to the Smokeball matter. 

You may wish to upload your firm's logo to the workspace if you would like it to show on the PDF agenda or minutes.

To do this:

  1. Open the meeting in MinuteMe.
  2. Select the arrow icon next to Preview agenda.
  3. Select Send agenda or Send minutes.
  4. Tick Save PDF agenda to Smokeball or Save PDF minutes to Smokeball.
  5. Select Send & Save PDF.

Getting support for the integration

If you need assistance with the MinuteMe integration, visit the MinuteMe Help Centre.

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