Create a custom Lead Intake form

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Learn how to create your own Lead Intake form with your desired fields.

Accessing the Intake Forms window

To get started, navigate to the Intake Forms window.

In Smokeball Grow/Propser+, select File from the top-left corner of Smokeball, then select Intake Forms.

In Smokeball Boost or the Grow/Prosper+ web app, select the gear icon on the top-right corner and select Intake Forms.

Creating the form

  1. Select Create Form and enter a name. Choose the relevant states and matter types this form applies to.
  2. Select Create Form. You will then be taken to the Form Builder.
  3. Enter the Title of the form and a brief description.
  4. Use the icons on the right-hand side of the section to add elements to your form:
    • (+) Plus icon: Add a Mapped Field, Text input Field or a Choice Field for the respondent to answer.
    • "A" Text icon: Enter some information for the respondent to read.
    • Hamburger icon: Add a new section to break up form questions into groups. The new section will show up for the respondent when they click "Next" on the form.
  5. Select Preview to check the form as you go. The Preview is what the respondent will see when filling in the form.
    • Uncheck Field validation to progress through the form easily, without needing to fill in mandatory fields.
  6. To save your progress, select Close.

Making your form active

Once you are ready to share the form to clients, select the three dots icon, then click on the Active toggle.


Duplicating a form

You can duplicate a form by clicking the three dots icon on an Inactive form and selecting Duplicate.

This will help you to make minor modifications to the form without having to recreate it.

Embedding the form on your website

To enable prospective clients to complete your custom form, you can embed it on your website.

Do you have additional questions about setting up your lead intake form? Our Frequently Asked Questions article may have the answer. 

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