Smokeball Boost Release - November 2023

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This month, we have released some new features and refinements to Smokeball Boost. Read on to learn more.

New features

Phone messages

You can now add phone messages by selecting Add New in the top-left corner and selecting Phone Message


You can also create a phone message directly from the Tasks section. 


Add documents to favourites

You can now favourite documents in the document list of a matter by hovering over it and clicking on the star icon.


Favourite documents are denoted by a yellow star shown next to the document name and on the document icon.

Filter your documents list to only show favourite documents by toggling Show Only Favourites on the bottom of the screen.

Invite external parties to events

When creating an event, you can now add external parties by selecting them from the Parties drop-down menu. 

Since external parties will be notified of the event via the Client Portal, they must have an email address listed on their contact info in order to be added to the event. Updates to the event will also notify external parties.

Leads with No Activity Widget


You can now view a list of leads without activity by adding the widget to your Dashboard.

Learn more about dashboard widgets.


Add placeholder tags in Custom Text fields

Placeholder drop-down menus have been added to the Invoice Title and Invoice Subtitle sections in the Firm Settings > Invoice Settings > PDF Invoices section.

This will allow you to create invoice templates that contain dynamic data in the invoice title and subtitle.

Improvements to downloading a document

Clicking on a document from the Documents tab of a matter will now display the Download Document button.

When you select multiple documents, the button will change to Bulk Download.

Display line numbers on an invoice

You can now display line items on an invoice for easy reference.

The fees and disbursements are counted separately.

This setting can be switched on from your invoice template. To do this:

  1. Enter Firm Settings and select Invoice Settings.
  2. Click on the invoice template you wish to apply line numbers to, then select the PDF Invoices tab.
  3. Under the Time & Fees section, tick Show Item Numbers.
  4. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

After enabling this on your invoice template, any newly created invoices with this invoice template will contain line numbers.

Choose where page breaks appear on supplementary tables in an invoice

In an invoice, you have the option to add the following supplementary tables:

  • Professional Fee Summary
  • Prior Balances
  • Invoice Summary
  • Account Summary
  • Transaction History for each account

You now have the option to display these tables on a new page.

To configure these tables on your invoice template:

  1. Enter Firm Settings and select Invoice Settings.
  2. Click on the invoice template you wish to apply line numbers to, then select the PDF Invoices tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Supplementary Tables section. Select tables to display on the invoice template and choose whether to display on a new page.
  4. Select Save.

Note: This setting can only be configured at the invoice template level, not for individual invoices.

GST filters added to Income Allocation Reports

The Income Allocation Details and Summary reports now contain a filter to show or hide GST information on the report. 

Income Allocation Details Report:

Income Allocation Summary Report:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused dashboards to reset when a user logged out. Dashboards should now correctly save per user. 
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