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Ask Lexi is an AI-powered application from Lext that aims to assist with research, document review and simple drafting. 

Ask Lexi integrates with Smokeball in the following ways:

Learn more about Ask Lexi on the Lext website.

For any Ask Lexi sales enquiries, email

Connect Ask Lexi to Smokeball

Ask Lexi's Smokeball integration is available on all Ask Lexi Starter and Pro subscription plans.

Integrating Ask Lexi to Smokeball is done within the Ask Lexi application.

  1. Open the Ask Lexi Dashboard and select Preferences.

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  2. Select Connect your practice management system and enter your Smokeball login details on the next screen.

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  3. You will be returned to the home page. To check that you have successfully connected Smokeball, navigate to your dashboard.
  4. To enable Ask Lexi to automatically begin recording time when opening a new Ask Lexi session, navigate back to the Preferences screen and toggle Auto-start time tracking, then select Save preferences.



Recording time in Ask Lexi

To start recording the time you spend in the Ask Lexi application:

  1. Select Start timer from the top-right corner of the screen.

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  2. Click on the timer to stop recording.
  3. To create a Smokeball time entry from this timer, select Record time entry.

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  4. Select your matter, activity code and enter an hourly rate (optional). Ask Lexi will generate a subject and description for this time entry automatically.

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  5. Select Save to Matter.


Save research from Ask Lexi into a Smokeball memo

You can save transcripts from Ask Lexi directly to a memo in any Smokeball matter to be viewed by other staff members. To do this:

  1. Click on the Ask Lexi to... button above the chat box.
  2. Select Save to Smokeball.

  3. Choose a matter from the drop-down menu, and select Create Matter Memo.


Use Ask Lexi to review documents

Any PDF, Word or PowerPoint document saved to a matter in Smokeball can be reviewed by Ask Lexi. Ask Lexi will identify important terms and key clauses, and you can ask questions about the document to pinpoint the information you need. 

To review a document:

  1. Select Doc Review from the left panel.
  2. Select Pick a file from Smokeball at the bottom of the Upload a Document screen.

  3. Select a document from the matter. 

  4. The document will be uploaded to Ask Lexi, and you can start reviewing it.
  5. Save your key term summaries and a transcript of your queries to a memo in your Smokeball matter by selecting Save to Smokeball at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, select Export to export the summary as a Word document.


Support options for the Ask Lexi integration

For any technical support enquiries around the Ask Lexi integration, email

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