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Utilising your InfoTrack Integration, on a VIC Purchase matter you can now populate Property & information from a free Title extract and Vendor,  Vendor Solicitor and Agent details from the eCOS ID, saving you time and eliminating the chance of typographical errors.

Once the user selects an address, a summary from the free title extract is shown, order title is auto ticked, the eCOS ID and Purchaser’s Surname fields are enabled, and the user can specify for all Purchasers to be placed on one contact card if living at the same address. 

Title Lookup by Address

When entering an address in the lookup field, text appears above the field noting there is a charge to complete the lookup.

This is a fee for Reverse Address Lookup. Hover over the $ to see the cost that will be applied once an address is selected.

Note: Entering Volume/Folio will not incur a fee unless you order the Title

The user will be presented with a list of matching addresses to select from. This is a Reverse Address Lookup and incurs a fee when you select an address from the list.



Pre-Population Options

The same as with Sale matters, to pre-populate the most information from the title, the user can order the title. 

If the user knows the eCOS ID from the Contract, they can enter it to additionally populate the Vendor, Vendor’s Solicitor and Vendor’s Agent. 

The eCOS ID and purchaser’s last name are verified by InfoTrack to be valid and matching for the supplied title reference. If they match all available information will be populated.

If they do not match, then only the property details and council from the title extract (or full title if ordered) are populated.

If any potential matches are found for contacts, the user will be prompted with the contact review screen – same as for Sale pre-population. 

NOTE: The eCOS ID is not currently shown on the LIV contract, but InfoTrack are seeking approval to add it. 

Pre-populated Matter: 

How Contact Cards are detected or created:

  • If exact name matches are found for existing contact cards they will be added to the matter.
  • If there are no existing contacts that are possible matches, new contact cards will be created.
  • If there are possible matches found, a pop-up screen will be shown for the user to review the matches. Each possible match should be reviewed. 

Select an Option and Click on OK to apply and populate the matter

Create Matter Without Data Pre-Population

You are still able to create a matter without entering anything in the title / address search field.

Simply click Create and the matter is created as normal with no title lookup, no title order, and no pre-population of data.

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