Create tasks

Available on Smokeball Boost, Grow and Prosper+

Keep track of work using tasks to ensure you or your staff members never miss an important step.

If you wish to automate repetitive tasks for specific matters, use Workflows.

You can create a task from the Smokeball desktop app or Smokeball Boost.

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App

Smokeball Desktop App

  1. From a matter or the home screen action bar, select the Task button.
    Matter bar:
    Home screen action bar:
    Make sure if you are creating tasks from the home screen to assign an appropriate matter.
  2. Enter information in the following fields:
    • Name: The name of the task
    • Assigned to: Select one or more staff members
    • Categories (Optional): Create custom categories by typing it out and then pressing the Enter key on your keyboard
    • Due: Due date of the task. Select the drop-down arrow next to the calendar icon to select from a list of predetermined dates
    • Reminders (Optional): Set up reminders to trigger before the due date. Learn more about setting up reminders below.
    • Matter: The matter the task is relevant for. If you are creating a task from a matter, the matter will be tagged by default.
    • Details (Optional): Any notes you want to leave for the assignee about the task
    • Duration (Optional): Enter an estimated duration for AutoTime entries. The best practice is often to leave this blank and manually enter the appropriate time later.
  3. Link documents or precedent templates to the task by selecting Link to a document from the right side of the window.
  4. Add sub-tasks by typing in the text field on the bottom-right corner of the window and selecting the plus icon or pressing the Enter key.
  5. Select the Notes tab on the top-right corner of the window to add status comments to the task and see the history of the task over time.
  6. Select Save to save the task.

All tasks will appear in your Task tab of a matter. Use the filters on the left side to change what tasks you can view.


You can also access tasks through Tasks on the left panel of Smokeball or the Daily Digest.

View tasks associated with a workflow

Review tasks assigned to a workflow by right-clicking on the grey column headers and selecting Workflow.



Set up task reminders

To help stay on top of upcoming tasks in Smokeball, you can set up reminders to trigger days, weeks, or months before. You can apply reminders to any tasks associated with Workflows as well.

To set up a reminder:

  1. Select add a reminder from a task.
  2. Assign reminder recipients and select when they should receive a reminder to complete the task.

Reminders will appear as a pop-up window in Smokeball, containing a list of all task and calendar event reminders. Access them at any time from the bell icon on the top bar:

Reminders will pop up even when you aren't in Smokeball, helping you stay on top of important tasks and events.

Good to know

  • If you are using AutoTime, the user who completes the task will see the task appear on the entry.
  • To keep track of tasks created in Smokeball, whether assigned to you or other staff members, use the Tasks View.
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