Manage tasks on the Smokeball Mobile App


Stay on top of tasks on the go with the Smokeball Mobile App. In addition to viewing tasks, you can also add and edit them directly from the app.

To access your tasks, tap on Menu_button.jpg from the bottom of the screen, then select Tasks from the Go To section.


By default, you'll land on the To Do tab which shows all tasks that are due today or overdue.

Use the top menu bar to view the list of tasks due later or tasks that are completed.


View task details

Tapping on a task name shows more details around the task, either entered from the Smokeball desktop app or mobile app. From this screen, you can also view or add sub tasks and notes.


View tasks assigned to staff members

To view tasks owned by specific staff members, select the filter icon on the top-right corner.


Tick or untick the names of staff members you wish to view or stop viewing tasks for, then select Done.


From this screen, you can also toggle settings to view overdue tasks, tasks with no due date, or unassigned tasks.

Mark a task as completed

To complete a task, tap on the circle to the left of the task name.


To revert a completed task back to incomplete, tap on the Completed tab, then find the task and tap the ticked circle to send it back to the To Do or Due Later tab.


Add a task

To add a new task, select the Plus icon to open the New Task screen.

Enter all relevant task details and ensure it has a name before tapping Add.


Edit or delete an existing task

To make edits to an existing task, tap on the task name, then select Edit from the top-right corner. 


From the edit screen, you can also delete the task.


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