Create a Trust Deposit Slip

The Trust Deposit Slip can be created in Smokeball Billing when you receive cheque or cash deposits that need to be presented at your Bank.


  1. Enter all relevant cheque or cash deposits
  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab
  3. Click on the Deposit Slips tab
  4. Click Create Deposit Slip

  5. Select the date range for transactions that you want to view
  6. Tick all transactions that need to be banked
  7. Enter the Deposit Date, if different to today
  8. Click Process

  9. Click on your Deposit Slip to generate it - you can download or print the PDF version to take with you to the Bank
  10. Click on the '...' to View, Edit, or Delete the Trust Deposit Slip


  • Edit the Trust Deposit Slip after you have receipted your trust monies to add the Reference Number
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