Foundations Training: Basics

Welcome to your first Smokeball training session! Our Basics webinar aims to help you get started with adding matter files into Smokeball and using core productivity features.

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating around Smokeball
  • Adding matters and contacts, and importing documents
    • Saving conflict checks to a matter
    • Adding contacts to Smokeball
    • Importing documents into a matter
  • Creating letters
  • Accessing the Precedent Library
  • Creating memos
  • Managing emails in Smokeball
  • Setting up matter auto-numbering

Foundations Training: Basics Webinar

Navigating around Smokeball

Smokeball is a powerful, intuitive program that helps you manage matters from start to finish. Learn more about navigating Smokeball.

If you're using Smokeball Prosper, you will be presented with your Dashboard upon login. Learn how to navigate and customise your dashboard, making it work for you.

You can perform a Quick Search in many areas of Smokeball. Learn about the various places to search for your data.

Adding matters and contacts

After configuring Smokeball, create matters in minutes and access everything from one place.

  • Learn more about creating matters.
  • Use Matter Type Favourites or Matter Templates to save time.
  • Important tip: Make sure to add in all relevant data when opening a matter. Smokeball better automates documents with complete data.

Saving conflict checks to a matter

Use the Advanced Search to save conflict checks to a matter.

Adding contacts to Smokeball

You can add contacts via a matter or contact list. The required contacts differ on a matter-by-matter basis. Learn more about managing contacts in Smokeball.

Importing Documents to a matter

Upload your files or folders to your Smokeball matter to keep all documents in one place.

Creating letters

Easily create letters that contain matter information automatically filled in on relevant fields. 

Accessing the Precedent Library

Create precedents and automate the data from the matter file.

  1. Open a matter, then select Precedent from the Matter tab.
  2. The precedent library will open to the matter types you have subscribed to, and their respective documents.
  3. Navigate the folders in the left menu to locate a precedent, or use the search bar on the top-right corner to search for a particular precedent.

Learn more about precedents and document automation.

Creating memos

Learn how to record memos about client interactions in phone calls or face-to-face meetings, directly into a Smokeball matter. Every new memo contains an editable timestamp.

Learn more about creating and reviewing memos.

Managing emails with Smokeball and Outlook

Smokeball provides seamless integration with Outlook. Keep a record of client emails in the matter file.

Learn more about sending and saving emails in Smokeball.

Setting up matter auto-numbering

The auto-number feature saves time by making matter numbering a background process. Learn how to set up auto-number for matters.

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