Foundations Training: Essentials

In our guided Foundations: Essentials training, you will learn about Smokeball's project management tools to streamline your business.

The topics we cover in this training session will differ depending on your plan. To start, select your plan below:

Smokeball Prosper Smokeball Grow

In the Foundations: Essentials Prosper training, we will cover the following:

  • Tasks and Workflows
  • Managing your calendar and events
  • Using the Client Portal
  • Managing leads
  • AutoTime and Activity Tracking


Use tasks to track essential actions for your matters. You can assign tasks to any staff member and set up reminders. Smokeball emails a Daily Digest to staff members every day, which contains upcoming due tasks specifically for them.

Learn more about creating tasks.


Set up matter-specific tasks and avoid repetitive admin with Workflows. You can streamline matter processes and automate task setup. Workflows help to avoid missing critical matter deadlines. 

Learn more about creating workflows.

Managing your calendar and events

Learn how to use Smokeball alongside your current work calendar. Smokeball syncs seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Outlook calendars, allowing you to create and edit events between programs. Smokeball also emails a daily digest to staff members, including today's events. 

Learn more about creating calendar events and syncing your Outlook calendar

Using the Client Portal

The Client Portal is Smokeball's own secure file-sharing and instant messaging portal. Use the Client Portal to send secure emails, files and SMS text messages to clients. You can also use it to chat internally with staff, straight from Smokeball. 

Learn how to make the Client Portal work for your firm on the Smokeball desktop app and the Communicate mobile app.

Notifying staff members about phone calls directed to them

The phone messages feature allows you to quickly leave notes from incoming phone calls if they're intended to be fielded by another staff member. Phone message notifications can be viewed on the Daily Digest, the relevant matter or the phone app.

Learn more about creating phone messages.

Managing leads

Use the leads feature to record details of potential new clients. Leads can seamlessly be converted to matters, making double-entry a thing of the past. 

Learn more about creating and managing leads.

AutoTime and Activity Tracking

Use activity tracking as a running timesheet to record work completed in Smokeball throughout your day. Activity tracking helps you avoid missing potential billable time - this is made more powerful when paired with AutoTime, which automatically captures and categorises your activity for you.

Activity tracking can also help you understand how profitable your firm is when paired with Firm Insights.

Learn more about Activity Tracking, AutoTime and Firm Insights.

Entering time and disbursements

Time, fee and disbursement entries can be added manually in Smokeball, specifically to a matter. You can also use AutoTime to automatically create time entries based on activity.

Learn more about creating time, fee and disbursement entries.

Foundations: Essentials Prosper Webinar

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