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Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Smokeball is a powerful, yet intuitive program designed with you in mind. Through out this section, we will explore the features of Smokeball. See individual pages for more detail on each feature accessed from the home screen. Once you log into Smokeball, you will be presented with:

  1. Additional Options: Access your Smokeball File Menu and navigate to our Support page and resources
  2. Smokeball Action Bar: The 'Go to' place for creating new matters, creating contacts, events, tasks, etc.
  3. Views: Quickly toggle between your customisable dashboard, matters, contacts, calendar, tasks, activity, reports and search. Learn more about organising and filtering your matter list.
  4. Quick Search: The quickest way to find a matter, contacts, documents, emails, and memos


Did you know...

  • Your Daily Digest will also be emailed to you each day. If you are not receiving your Daily Digest, make sure you are subscribed under Outlook & Notifications in Smokeball Settings.

  • Use the Filter below to show matters based on their current status (i.e. Open) image(765).png

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