Smokeball Glossary and common terms

In Smokeball, you may encounter some terms unique to the software. Use this guide to understand these terms and read more about them.

Matter Productivity


A feature that keeps track of every action you complete throughout the day, such as tasks, document work, memos, emails, and matter admin, to ensure billing is comprehensive and accurate.


The process by which information in matters are automatically generated using editable fields in the Smokeball Toolbar in Microsoft Word.


A feature that uses Activity data to automatically generate time entries.


The first view you see when you log into Smokeball. It contains customizable widgets and allows you to view all the things you need to track and manage your work for the day.

Document Containers

Also referred to as a Letterhead, Document Containers are headers and/or footers in a document that usually contain information such as the Firm’s logo, address, email, website, and phone details.

Precedent Library

A repository within Smokeball that houses your firm's precedents, Smokeball-generated precedents, and Court and Authority Forms.


A client case file in Smokeball.

Matter Configuration

Specific Matter settings for standardising your Matter's folder structures, tags, stages, and more.


A tool to collect data from your clients and automate its entry into your Matters. MatterFlow is included with Prosper+ and is available to Grow users as an add-on.

Matter Stages

A feature in Smokeball Prosper+ that allows your firm to organise a matter into steps and help stay on top of a matter's progress.

Matter Type

A specific matter setup under a Practice Area of law.


A common interface action you can use in many parts of the Smokeball desktop app to access extra features that may otherwise not be visible on the interface.


A Matter to-do, which can be assigned to yourself or other staff.

Time & Disbursements

The section within Smokeball which provides line-item breakdowns of all billable activities. Time, fees, and disbursements can be added, edited, or removed in this section.


A series of tasks/sub-tasks that can be applied to new and existing matters.

Lead Productivity


A case file for potential clients in Smokeball. Lead files look similar to matter files and are denoted with a dark green banner.


Smokeball’s client intake solution. LeadPro is included with Prosper+ and is available to Boost and Grow users as an add-on.


A colloquial term for clients in the Lead state who have yet to be converted to a matter.

Products and Services

Client Portal/Messaging

Smokeball’s secure file sharing and messaging service to enhance your client interactions. Formerly known as “Communicate."

Communicate App

An iOS or Google Play mobile app to access the Client Portal on your mobile device. The App can be downloaded by staff or your clients.

Help Icon

The question mark icon in the upper-right corner of Smokeball which takes you to the Support Hub in one click. Select the Help icon whenever you need more information about Smokeball features or need to get in contact with our support team.


Third-party software and programs that integrate with Smokeball. Some integrations are one-way (i.e. data is only sent from Smokeball to the third-party software), and others are two-way (data is sent back and forth between Smokeball and the third-party software).

Mobile App

The iOS and Google Play app that allows you to access Smokeball matters from your mobile device. Note that the mobile app has limited functionality compared to the desktop app and is not intended to replace it.

Smokeball Bill

The introductory product tier which provides everything you need to start invoicing your clients and get paid. Learn more about our product tiers.

Smokeball Boost

An expanded version of Smokeball Bill which adds matter management, tasks, calendar support, document management, and more. Learn more about our product tiers.

Smokeball Grow

An expanded version of Smokeball Boost which includes access to the desktop app and adds new features such as Automation, the Forms & Templates Library, email management, and more. Learn more about our product tiers.

Smokeball Prosper+

The ultimate version of Smokeball which includes everything from Smokeball Grow while adding Firm Insights, Workflows, Activity tracking, AutoTime, and much more. Learn more about our product tiers.

Smokeball desktop app

Available to Grow and Prosper+ plans, the desktop app is installed locally and launched from your computer.

web app

Available to Grow and Prosper+ clients, the Smokeball Web App is accessed from your web browser and shares many of the same features as the desktop app. While the web app contains all billing, invoicing and trust accounting features, certain features such as document automation are only available on the desktop app.

Smokeball Community

An online forum where you can meet Smokeball staff and other Smokeball users, exchange advice and tips, and learn more about Smokeball.


A live presentation hosted by a Smokeball expert which offers practice area-specific tips or a lesson on advanced topics. Webinars are open to all Smokeball users.


Draft Invoice

An invoice that has yet to be finalised. Learn more about creating invoices.

eInvoice Portal

A portal which makes it easier for clients to review and pay their invoices at their own convenience. This optional feature adds a button to your electronic invoices that takes the invoice recipient to the portal.

Finalised Invoice

An invoice which is ready to be sent to your client and have payments applied.

Rate Sets

A feature for scheduling and executing rate increases.

Time/Fees & Disbursements

The section within Smokeball that provides line-item breakdowns of all billable Activities. Time, fees, and expenses can be added, edited, or removed in this section.


Billing Reports

Reports in Smokeball Bill, Boost, and the web app which summarises important billing data, such as account balances, trust balances, income statements, credit history, and more.

Firm Insights

Specialised reports which allows you to visualise your firm’s business trends. Firm Insights are available to Prosper+ users. Only the firm owner or users designated by the firm owners can access Firm Insights.


Data summaries in Smokeball desktop of your clients, matters, leads, and more.


Firm Settings

The area where you can configure settings for Smokeball Bill, Boost and the web app. This is accessed via a gear icon in the top-right corner of Smokeball.

Smokeball Settings

The gear icon in the top-right corner of Smokeball Desktop that allows you to configure many different settings for managing your Matters, time entries, integrations, and more.

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