Use the Smokeball action bar

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

The action bar on your home screen is your easy access point to create most things in Smokeball. 

Create a new Matter or Matter Template

Here is where you will go to create a new matter each time. You can also create matter templates that suit your workflow.


Create a New Contact

You can create a new contact from here even before you have created a matter for them. 

Create a New Calendar Event

You can create new events here that may not have a related matter set up yet.

Create a new Task

You can create new tasks from the main screen without having to find the matter first. 

Create a new phone message

Phone messages make it easy to record information from your inbound phone calls. Learn more about creating phone messages.

Create a new activity

Use Activities to keep a record of your day-to-day actions throughout the life of a matter. If you've enabled AutoTime, they can be used to automate your time billing. Learn more about creating activities

Access Smokeball Web App

Open Smokeball the web app in your web browser in one click.

Access AutoTime

AutoTime is a Smokeball feature that will allow the user to automatically generate time billing based on their activity within a matter. Manage and review AutoTime activities that have been tracked by Smokeball.

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