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Utilising your InfoTrack Integration, you can now populate matter data from your Title search, saving you time and eliminating the chance of typographical errors.

When creating a NSW Sale or NSW Proposed Sale matter, the screen now looks like this:

What you can do from this window:

Title Lookup

When a title reference or address is entered, a list of potential matching properties will be displayed, click on the correct entry to select.

Note: When entering an address for a unit, you will be presented with a list of all available lots for that property to select from


Title Selection

When a title or address is selected, the free title extract information is displayed.

This will include a partial proprietor name for the vendor, property address, council, parish, and county.

If the property is strata an additional option is shown to also order the common property title.

Order Title and Pre-Populate Matter

Ordering the title is best practice because it will pre-populate the most information on the matter.

Note: If you do not order the title at this point, and proceed to creating the matter, you cannot return to here and choose to pre-populate the data, it will have to be manually entered.

1.  Tick Order Title and optionally Order Common Property Title if applicable. Hovering over the $ will indicate the cost associated with the order and the benefit of populating the matter from the title.

2.  If all of the Vendors live at the same address, tick the Vendor(s) live at the Property Address checkbox so that the Property Address is set as the Vendors address if new contact cards are created during the pre-population process.

Note: Existing contact cards are not updated and if there is more than one person on the title and you do not select Vendor(s) live at the Property Address, then the vendors will not be entered on the matter, giving you the choice to enter them together, or separately.

3. Clicking on the Create button will create the matter, order the title search, save the title to the matter, create an expense item and most importantly, begin the pre-population process.

Sit back and watch the magic happen:

The matter is now created and pre-populated with data from the title!

  • Vendor(s) contact card added to the matter
  • Vendors contact card will include property address as their current address (if lives at property address was selected)
  • Property details will include street address, title reference Council, Parish & County details
  • Relevant Council is added a contact to the matter
  • Discharging Mortgagee(s) is added as a contact to the matter

How Contact Cards are detected or created:

  • If exact name matches are found for existing contact cards for Vendor, Council or Mortgagee they will be added to the matter.
  • If there are no existing contacts that are possible matches for the Vendor, Council or Mortgagee, new contact cards will be created.
  • If there are possible matches found for the Vendor, Council or Mortgagee, a pop-up screen will be shown for the user to review the matches. Each possible match should be reviewed. 

The Review link opens the contact card for the user to check if it is a correct match and has the option to Save the match or Clear it and manually input the correct contact details.

  • Once you have reviewed and decided on all potential matches, green ticks will appear for each party.

Other Options:

Create Matter from Free Title Extract 

To do this, you would enter the title reference or property address but not select Order Search

Note: Limited information is provided from the NSW LRS when obtaining a free title extract.

  • The Vendor and Discharging Mortgagee will not be populated when using the free title extract
  • Populates Property Details and Council 

Create Matter Without Data Pre-Population

You are still able to create a matter without entering anything in the title / address search field.

Simply click Create and the matter is created as normal with no title lookup, no title order, and no pre-population of data.

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